We proudly dedicate this new CD ‘IMAGINE’ to our incredible ‘Vogue Family’ both near and far. Your unwavering support, loyalty and friendship have made the normally very difficult process of song selections for this CD very easy.

Knowing we have produced a CD with songs that have significant meaning for many of you, made this a very beautiful experience for us.

We honestly can’t thank you enough for being in our lives and sincerely hope listening to this CD creates as much joy for you as it did for us in producing it.

Antonio and Kate

Imagine – Song Titles
1. Imagine
2. Purple rain
3. A song for you
4. Notte’ di luce
5. Arms of the angels
6. Autumn leaves
7. Knockin’ on heaven’s door
8. You don’t bring me flowers
9. Canta libre
10. At last
11. Georgia on my mind
12. You don’t own me
13. This is the moment
14. Home
15. Don’t know why
16. Desperado
17. Il mio cuore va’
18. Remember when
19. Once before i go